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A Game Of Two Halves is the 18th episode of season 1. It airs in 21/02/2007.

SUMMARY:The Shape Japer is breaking things in half. But 4 tries to make things whole again. 

STORY: 3's new beautiful thing is very colourful. If can divide itself in half and make itself whole again. 2 wanted the new beautiful thing, but 3 wouldn't let him. 6 rescues it and brought it back to 3. 6 takes 2 to paint with 7. 5 called for a problem. 3 puts her new beautiful thing in her box. Agent 14 said the problem is the picture the girl painted is half. Her fruit got cut into half too. The lunchbox is gone half too! So 4 is going out. 5 found a 4 on a calendar for 4 to land on. 4 found that the sandwiches's halves for gone missing. Problems at the cafe! The square tablecloth turns into half! The whole pizza pie's turned into half! 4 found the Shape Japer turning wholes into halves! Trouble at the tennis table! No half ball and no half net and no half trousers. 5 wonders what would happen if the Shape Japer keeps on taking halves. "She might take half a book. Or she might take half a bed. And what about the Dancing Cow? It might be half-off too! 3 started up the Brain Gain machine and called 2. "Two halves make whole!" Brain Power turned halves back to wholes. Problem at the party! She took half the cake! She took half the presents too! 4 sorts her out by halfing her and turns the cake and the presents back to normal. 4 returned and saw a replay of what happened. At the end, 3 gave 2 half her new beautiful thing. Then 5 wondered, what else if half or whole?

CHARACTERS: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Shape Japer


The Shape Japer is also cut in half in Fraction Fiction. 

2's lines were "Beautiful.", "Best.", "Great.", "I want it!", "No! This!", "No! MINE!", "Rrrr!", "Me, paint?", "Me, jump!", "Two halves make whole! Whee!", "Jump, jump, jump!", and "Please, me have it!"

Agent 14 debuted in this episode.

7 is mentioned in this episode, but she is not seen. 0, 1, 8 and 9 aren't both mentioned and seen.

This is the only episode to have 4 male Agents: 14, 47, 73, and 96.


THREE: Two! Bring it back! It's mine.



THREE: Did she paint it like that?

AGENT 96: Can you do it with Brain Gain?

TWO: Please, me have it,

4's MissionsEdit

  1. Going Wrong, Going Long
  2. One More Time
  3. Seven Wonders
  4. 4, He's A Jolly Good Fellow
  5. Takeaway
  6. Off Color
  7. A Game of Two Halves
  8. 3 Good Things (almost, but launcher is broken)
  9. Say What You Mean
  10. May the Fours be with You
  11. On and Off
  12. Zero The Hero (didn't mean to)
  13. Into the Teens
  14. More 4
  15. Almost Human
  16. Square Dancing
  17. Seaside Adventure
  18. Ups and Downs
  19. Did You Notice Anything?
  20. A Record in the Charts
  21. Half Time
  22. A Different Sort
  23. Interesting Times
  24. More Ways than One
  25. 8 to the Rescue
  26. Helper Number 9
  27. Bad Three, Good Four (went out on his own, he help Three to sort out Spooky Spoon)

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