Hipsternation is a member of Team 4️⃣ and ranked number 1 of them. The second highest ranked in the hierarchy. He was the main antagonist of arc 1, and the assisting antagonist of arc 2. Later becoming a main protagonist along with 3 other former antagonists who make up Team 4️⃣. In the Kaiser arc Hipsternation is the one to fend off the antibullying dictatorship and has had many hacker accusations from them. Eventually he ascends to the abilities of a hacker and banishes Alana from all areas.

Hipster nation being a less social character does not ussually hang out with anybody. After his heroic sacrifice to prevent the grammar nazis invasion he became good friends with the amalgamation of all things communism and teamed up to defeat the nazis. He was also friends with the unnamed hero of the series, the bartender of the gay bar he ussually visits to get free wifi.

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