A Meanie is an antagonist in the Numberjacks series.

Role Edit

The role of each meanie is to cause a problem or make things disappear.

The Five Meanies Edit

  • The Numbertaker
  • The Puzzler
  • Spooky Spoon
  • The Problem Blob
  • The Shape Japer

Episodes without Meanies Edit

  • The Trouble With Nothing
    • Zero makes things disappear.
  • One More Time
    • One adds one more to everything.
  • Out For The Count
    • Two is making everyone count improperly.
  • Tens Moments
    • One and Zero make ten of everything.
  • Zero The Hero
    • When the sofa gets messed up, the Numberjacks 1-9 fade to the real world and cause problems.

Trivia Edit

  • Zero, One, and Two might have been brainwashed by the Meanies.