Nine (9) is the biggest Numberjack. She is green with blue eyes.

She is also known as Wise Old Number Nine (9).

In Episode 7 Nine is caught doing drugs in the foreground, but this is meant to be a lesson for kids. It’s shown to make sure kids know the danger of drugs. Later on in the episode, 9 is shown having a overdose and dies dramatically. This is a very intense and emotional scene.

Appearances Edit

  • Getting Heavy (debut)
  • Nine Lives
  • Zero The Hero
  • Into The Teens
  • 1, 2, 3, Go
  • Two, Four, Six, Eight
  • Square Dancing
  • Counting Down To Christmas (cameo)
  • Seaside Adventure
  • Ups and Downs (cameo)
  • Wee Three Phone Home
  • A Record In The Charts
  • A Different Sort
  • More Ways Than One
  • Hundreds and Thousands (cameo)