Numberjacks Storytime - Volume 1 is the first series of Numberjacks audio episodes consisting of 10 episodes.

Episodes Edit

  • Bear Necessities - There’s a teddy bear trying to touch the ground with the help of 3 and 4 – watch out for the Puzzler!
  • Penny Gain - At a fair, the Numbertaker removes Simple Simon's penny to buy a pie, and 5 and 6 have to stop him.
  • Football Crazy - 6 goes out to a football field where the Shape Japer is causing problems.
  • Party Animals - Numberjacks meet strange animals who want to become entertainers at children's parties.
  • Slower and Lower - Numberjack 7 is at a sporting event when Spooky Spoon mixes everything up.
  • Fall Sorted - Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall - thanks to the Shape Japer. 4 and 5 help put him back together again.
  • Noisy Night - 3 and 6 go out on a noisy night where they see Jasper the cat playing the fiddle, a cow jumping over a moon, and a little dog who laughs, thanks to Spooky Spoon!
  • Potato Plot - One potato, two potato, three potato – more and more trouble as the Problem Blob creates spuds no-one likes. 4 and 6 are on the case.
  • Spout and About - 3 and 5 to the rescue as Incy Wincy Spider gets stuck – the Shape Japer is up to her tricks again.
  • Five a Day - Georgie Porgie ends up with a better diet thanks to 5 and 6. The Numbertaker isn’t happy.