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One (1) is a purple Numberjack with green eyes. In The Trouble With Nothing, she was referred as a male until One More Time where she is referred as a female. When the Numbertaker was about to suck up Six in One Won, Numberjacks Three, Four and Five prepares an emergency launch to save him and used Brain Gain to make her scarily big as suggested by Agent 94.

Biography Edit

When the Numbertaker was about to suck up Six in One Won, Numberjacks ThreeFour and Five prepares an emergency launch to save him and used Brain Gain to make her scarily big as suggested by Agent 94. This shows only a fragment of her power!


"Think Big One!"

In One More Time, she made everyone and everything that were going under bridges one more.



Though everyone sees her as a dumb, toddler. Number one is actually extremely powerful and smart.

One has saved the numberjacks more than everyone else!

As previously stated, one used to identify as a he but changed her identity to be more comfortable with herself! A transgender queen!

She is also a master of using the brain gain machine! This shows her smarts. She doesn’t not think linearly though she does express her counting linearly because she likes the addition of one.

her mind...