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The Problem Blob (Boris Johnson) is a green mass of slime with a single eye on the tip of his long tongue, best known for his role as a Cabinet member who stabbed Spooky Spoon in the back. He spits out lumps of green slime that cause anything they touch to suffer from a particular problem. He is usually found hidden away out of sight and does not speak, as he just makes heaving and spluttering noises. he used to explode when defeated, but he doesn’t now.

Theme Song LyricsEdit

If you spot a glob of slime

Guess what?

Big slob can buy

Great, big and blobbery

Making trouble

Here's the floppery, snoppery

Problem Blob

Trivia Edit

  • he's green
  • in the running to beat spooky spoon in Parliament for PM
  • the problem blob was the first meanie to appear on the show first appearing in, Going Wrong Going Long