The logo used for Season 2.

Season 2 of Numberjacks premiered on CBeebies on 26 October 2009 rather than on BBC Two like Season 1.

It consisted of 20 15-minute episodes rather than 45 like in the previous season. None of the episodes in Season 2 received a DVD release.

Numberjacks was not renewed for a third season after this one and the show was cancelled.

Episodes Edit

  1. Ups And Downs/On The Move
  2. Very Shapely/Wee Three Phone Home
  3. Did You Notice Anything?/Measured Response
  4. Think Again/Carry On Counting
  5. A Record In The Charts/Half Time
  6. A Close Thing/A Circle At Both Ends
  7. Matchmaking/A Different Sort
  8. Areas Of Concern/The Dreaded Lurgi
  9. Fraction Action/Intresting Times
  10. More Ways Than One/Hundreds and Thousands