The Numbertaker
The Numbertaker (Jimmy Savile) is a live-action human character (with an exaggerated top hat and a white robe, based on an undertaker). He is also the only live-action meanie He causes trouble by taking numbers, children and “numbers of things”; as numbers themselves, the Numberjacks have to be particularly careful when dealing with him. The sleeves of his long with coat hide various attachments with which to steal numbers and rape people – a vacuum cleaner, an automatic picker, a net, a magnet, a long pole, a hook, and sometimes just his own hands. He neither speaks in any of his appearances, nor smiles much either. He only makes sounds.

He sometimes becomes his alter ego and is the Numbermaker, causing problems by creating numbers and numbers of things.  He has been multiplied twice; on both occasions the multiple versions of him despised each other and all ended up vacuuming each other up in Into The Teens and Half Time. he's the only villain that does not talk.

Sexual allegations were made by multiple children dating back to 1963, though this was only truly proven by an audio tape handed to the police by someone who was, at the time, a minor. His death shook the globe, though not emotionally. The diggers used to clear an area for his grave were so heavy that they caused worldwide disaster, killing millions for the sake of burying one perverted, giant man.

Theme Song Edit

Numbertaker, Numbertaker, have you seen a Numbertaker?

Taking all the numbers he can see?

Picking, nicking, getting, netting

He's as mean a Numbertaker as can be.

With his number-sucker-upper,

He's a number mucker-upper

He's as mean a Numbertaker as can be!