The Trouble With Nothing is the first episode of Season 1 and of Numberjacks overall. It aired on BBC on October 16, 2006 and Tiny Pop in August 2013.


In the beginning, Four returns to the sofa from being in a washing machine control, and gets very dizzy and Three wants to go out on a mission but is told by Five she is too small. Then there's a problem. Things are disappearing. Six goes out.

Six sees more things disappearing. Numberjack Zero makes this happen! He's making zero of everything. Back in the sofa, Three finds One and starts up the Brain Gain Machine.

One hops on the Brain Gain Machine, and one of everything has reappeared. Six and Zero come home. Now Zero has to make one more thing disappear. He kisses Four's headache, and Four feels much better.






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NUMBERJACKS The Trouble With Nothing S1E1

NUMBERJACKS The Trouble With Nothing S1E1

Production errors

  • Six's countdown is not heard before his launch.

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