The Sofa is the home of the Numberjacks and their base of operations.

Appearance Edit

The Sofa

The sofa as if it was normal.

From the outside the sofa looked like a normal sofa. It had a blue colour and was usually home to an assortment of different cushions, varying from day to day. During the launching process, the sofa would open up to reveal a circular hole into the Launcher Room, which could be seen. The launching hole was located in the arm of the sofa.

Properties Edit

It was not an ordinary sofa, but one with special properties.

The camera rises from its place to check for humans.

For example it possessed a camera system to observe the room it was located in. This camera was able to be rotated to check if any humans were in the room at the time of a launch. It was able to be moved up and down and was hidden from plain view by extending seemingly from the back of the sofa. If there were humans around the sofa it had the ability to ring the doorbell as to not to arouse any suspicion when a Numberjack was launched.

An alarm to alert Numberjacks to when an agent was calling in was implemented and could be heard in every room. Other technology in the sofa included an elevator as a method to get to the Control Room. There were also less technologically advanced methods such as a bounce pad. In most rooms there were also television-like screens.

The sofa itself also acted as a real sofa, both humans and Jasper the Cat frequently sat on it, seemingly in favour of the other two apparently normal sofas in the room.

The sofa was also apparently bigger on the inside possessing rooms such as the Launcher Room, the Gym, the Cosy Room, the Control Room, various corridors, and bedrooms for all the Numberjacks as well.

The Launcher Edit

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The Launcher, located in the Launcher Room was how the Numberjacks went from the sofa to the outside world and vica versa. From the outside a hatch would open and close.

The Launcher

The Launcher prepares to launch a Numberjack.

The Numberjack wishing to go outside was scanned first and then jumped into the correct pod, before being launched by a button situated in the Control Room. The technology in the sofa was somewhat restricted, however as after the Numberjack had been launched another Numberjack in the Control Room had to find one of their number to land on. For example Five would have to land on a number five. An inability to find a eligible number in time resulted in them being dropped somewhere close to "where [they] should have landed".

Brain gain Edit

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Brain Gain Machine

The Brain Gain Machine.

The sofa also had the ability to make Brain gain, a power that was created using the Brain Gain Machine, located at the other end of the Control Room. It was created by a Numberjack jumping around inside the machine; the energy was then transported from the sofa to outside were another Numberjack would use it to combat meanies. There were also screens inside the machine so that agents could also help with the process. Three once clarified "The Brain Gain Machine joins up the thinking of all the Numberjacks, the agents, and you." (as heard in All About the Brain Gain Machine)

Other sofas Edit

Other sofas were not known to harbour other Numberjacks inside of them, nevertheless it is not known whether this sofa is a unique case or whether there are other sofas with similar properties that are unknown to the main Numberjacks. it,s a room