Three was the first numberjack to be created by our lord and saviour 'TacoBell'. She was advertised on PBS along with the crunch wrap supreme. Despite being the first alive with us in our world, she is the most down with the kids; often dabbing with her nub*. In the image shown we see her sleeping which is a very rare occurrence since she suffers from extreme insomnia. This could also give reasoning as to why she is always on edge and carries a knife at all times.


Three as text

*The point between hear head nub and her foot nub.

She is currently 'In a relationship' on facebook and the only other numberjack to also have this status is Five... This leads us to believe that she is with number Five making her the first of many LGBTQ+ icons in the blessed show.

There are cameos in EVERY episode of the numberjacks but they are very well hidden. For example in 'Interesting Times' we are given hope by everyone's favourite meanest meanie-She's mean, She's bossy- Spooky Spoon but as some of you may know, she is not real and is actually played by different characters in every episode. In this episode in particular she is played by a famous french idle: 'Coralie'.; Spooky Spoon has also been played by influential actors such as Tinkie Winkie, Dipsy and La-La. Po on the other hand, has only been seen playing the 'Problem Blob'.

There is some deep history for our lovely little three as she has fought in all of the following: WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War. Each of which she has seen many of her closest friends die in front of her and her three nubs.
Three sleeping

Three sleeping in "Interesting Times"