Zero (0) is a lime-green Numberjack with blue eyes. He is well known as the main character of The Trouble With Nothing and Ten Moments. Zero is the only Numberjack who does not go on missions.

Biography Edit

In Zero's debut episode, he makes things disappear. Six returns everything to normal and brings Zero home.


Zero is one of the most powerful numberjacks! He and One together can destroy the universe. The other numberjacks do not understand stand this and constantly act superior to them. This is the main cause of zero’s (and one’s) acting out.

Personality Edit

Zero is a very cheeky Numberjack that makes things disappear.

He acts like a baby and is still learning about the world around him. He does not think linearly but logarithmically!

Because of all the numberjacks being mean to him, he sometimes acts out to remind them of his power!

The other numberjacks believe him to be dumb, but in the episode Zero the Hero, he clearly shows masterful handling of the Brain Gain Machine.